Pro Access [ for Fitness Professionals ]

Ready to boost your training methods and business? From personal trainers to coaches, FitnessBuilder® Pro is your one-stop fitness solution. Access the world's largest fitness library to guide your client's training, track logs and graph progress. Ramp up revenue with Remote Training and transform yourself into a recognizable brand. Pro access is truly extraordinary for today's trainer.

Train Clients

Pro access allows you to plan, build, share & perform sessions from your mobile device or computer. [learn more]

Brand It

Go ahead, take some credit. Customize the experience with your business name & logo. [learn more]

Boost Biz

Client progress, remote training & Pro customization will win you new business & reduce attrition. [learn more]

Your Client Dashboard

Pre-plan workouts or build on-the-fly during a session.
Track in-session performance using your phone or tablet.
From weight and BMI to girth and photos, record & date body stats.
Show off results with photos & exercise or body stat graphs.

Remote Training

Going Pro opens a whole new remote training world to you and your business. Provide as part of your in-session training or create your own digital training packages for clients to stay on track with your guidance, no matter where they are.

Boost Your Brand

Gain that competitive edge by incorporating your brand name and logo in the app and on workout PDFs. FitnessBuilder Pro allows is a true professional mobile tool that enables you to train & track your clients. Boost your image. Build your business.

Want even more customization? Check out PumpOne Private Label for the ultimate web/mobile fitness solution for your brand.


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