High-Protein Breakfast Can Reduce Unhealthy Cravings March 28, 2013
High-Protein Breakfast Can Reduce Unhealthy Cravings March 28, 2013

We have heard the old saying that breakfast is the most important meal of day. Well now there’s another reason why it’s true. Eating a protein-rich breakfast has been shown to reduce unhealthy snacking and consumption of high-fat or high-sugar foods later in the day.

Heather Leidy, an assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at the University of Missouri-Columbia, conducted a breakfast study with 20 overweight or obese adolescent females ages 18-20. They either skipped breakfast or consumed a 350 calorie high-protein breakfast of eggs and lean beef, or a 350 calorie normal-protein breakfast of ready-to-eat cereal.

Subjects completed questionnaires, provided blood samples throughout the day and had brain MRI’s performed prior to dinner to track brain signals that control food motivation and reward-driven eating behavior.

Results showed that the subject who consumed the high-protein breakfast experienced increased fullness, satiety and reduced food cravings. Leidy explains, “Eating a protein-rich breakfast impacts the drive to eat later in the day, when people are more likely to consume high-fat or high-sugar snacks.”

Leidy goes on to say, “This data suggests that the addition of breakfast, particularly one rich in protein, might be a useful strategy to improve diet quality in overweight or obese teenage girls.”

With obesity rates continuing to rise and nearly 60% of young adults skipping breakfast, these findings provide further evidence than breakfast is vitally important in getting your day off to the right start.

Protein-Rich Breakfasts Prevent Unhealthy Snacking in the Evening, Study Finds

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