The Weight Loss Fork January 14, 2013
The Weight Loss Fork January 14, 2013

A new “smart” fork is designed to help you lose weight by telling you how fast you’re eating and how much.

The HAPIfork, created by a French engineer, contains a bunch of electronics in the handle that will vibrate and flash to indicate when you are eating too fast. Originally designed for clinical use in teaching overweight and obese patients to eat slower, it has now gone mainstream.

Eating too quickly can easily result in consumption of more calories since it takes a while for your brain to register how much you’ve eaten.

Along with monitoring how fast or slow you eat, it will also tell you the number of servings or forkfuls your have eaten during a meal, the length of time of your meal and how many servings per minute you ate.

For those who want to keep track of all this information, the fork has a built-in USB port allowing you to download the info from the fork to your online account or to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

It also has an a spoon attachment for those who prefer soup or cereal and comes in multiple colors. At a hefty $99 and a decent size, it is yet to be seen if this hi-tech fork will catch on.

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