Is Aerobic Fitness In Your Genes? October 10, 2012
Is Aerobic Fitness In Your Genes? October 10, 2012

Its already pretty well known that people respond differently to exercise stimulus. Some people just have to look at a weight or run on a track, and their fitness levels increase. While for others, labeled hardgainers, the road to buffness is much longer and harder.

Now a new genetic test, developed and sold by British company XRGenomics, claims it can tell how well you will adapt to exercise.

The simple test involves taking a tissue sample from the inside of one’s cheek using a cotton swab. The DNA soaked swab is then mailed to the company for analysis. In just a few short weeks, results will tell whether you are predisposed to respond to exercise like an elite athlete, or destined for a life of endless struggle in the gym.

The original research, conducted in 2010, genotyped muscle tissue from volunteers who completed multiple weeks of endurance training. It showed variations in certain genes and their effect on how people responded to exercise.

Lead researchers in the study say that although there is still much to learn about DNA genotyping in relation to determining responses to exercise, this initial test is a good start.

Along with the findings of your expected level of response to exercise, the results also provide you with a brief report including customized workout recommendations and a $318 price tag.

Source: NYTimes: Are You Likely to Respond to Exercise?

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