Why Metrics? October 23, 2011
Why Metrics? October 23, 2011

Motivation is one of the keys to success but it’s not always easy to stay inspired. Now with the new Metrics tools, progress is even easier to measure with immediate results, keeping you on track.

From how many reps, how much weight, how often & how long you’re working out and all kinds of other numbers in between, reviewing your exercise, workout and body stats History has always been a surefire way to know and quickly compare your past and current status.

And Progress Graphs, either on-screen or as a PDF, give you an instant visual representation of your UP and DOWN trends for just about any kind of analytics you need or want.

But we felt that wasn’t enough to truly understand what’s happening across all aspects of your tracking and measurements. That’s why we embarked on METRICS.

Metrics, located in the center of the Home screen, gives you immediate analysis about a myriad of things you do in your workouts and the motivation to continue to work hard to achieve results.

Metrics knows when you’re exercising, for how long and exactly what you’re doing in your workouts. It takes your age & body stats and analyzes them to your measurement changes over time and compares them with averages. And it goes beyond History & Graphs by crunching all that data by presenting you with motivating facts including:

-What your favorite exercises are.
-What exercise you lift the most weight or perform the most repetitions on.
-What exercises you add to My Workouts the most.
-How many workouts you perform per week, per month, and overall and the percent increase or decrease.
-What is the most popular iPump Workout you perform.
-How much weight you have lifted so far this week.
-How many strength workouts compare to cardio ones you have performed.
-Increases or decreases in the number of reps & weights you lift.
-How your BMI, BMR, BF% and other measurements have increased/decreased over time.

Metrics knows and displays the answers in quick tidbits, organized by Workout, Exercise and Body tabs. These results can show you how and when to make important changes to your workouts to avoid plateaus and stagnation.

Share Metrics
What’s more fun then seeing short simple facts about your progress? Letting your friends and social circle know how well you doing.

Each Metric can be posted to your Facebook wall and/or Twitter feed. Who wouldn’t want to let their friends know they’ve lifted 232,633 lbs or lost 10% of their body weight in the past few months?

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