Inspiration October 6, 2011
Inspiration October 6, 2011

From Craig, PumpOne co-founder

Steve & Apple have been a part of my life since college. The influence for all items on my resumé (if I had one) would stem from what Steve created. More recently, I can directly trace PumpOne's roots to his innovations. Specifically, there was this thing in 2005, the iPod, that had everyone in a craze, wearing those white earbuds wherever you looked.

As an avid exerciser, I had been cutting exercise photos out of magazines and laminating all "legs" together on a sheet, all "chest" together, all "biceps", etc. Unfortunately when I would workout outside in the sun, those laminated sheets would melt into a sticky mess. I had just moved back to New York from San Francisco, joined a gym and asked for their best trainer. The sales guy simply said "Declan."

Next thing I knew, I'm working out with a tattooed Irishman who had a completely different take on personal training and fitness in general than what I was used to. Suddenly, everything I knew about fitness, seemed to be wrong.

After a few sessions, I asked Declan if he had any other plans in his life (besides being a trainer) and he responded, "yeah, I want to write a book called 'Everything you know about fitness –is wrong'."

I chuckled while doing bodyweight dips. But when I was resting, I looked around the gym floor and saw more than half of my fellow gym goers were listening to their iPods. Instantly, a few things came together. I remembered the laminated exercise cutouts, and just a couple months earlier, the iPod Photo was introduced allowing users to add color images to their iPod and look at them while listening to their own music, and my previous venture that focused on digital imaging & production, databases and user interface design.

After staring at the ground for a few seconds the light bulb went on and I said to Declan, "Hey, you know what would be great? If we took photos of every exercise and put it on the iPod so people can have a library, all by body part so they don’t have to remember every exercise."

Declan jumped in and corrected me, saying "No, you don’t just create a photo list of exercises, you create workouts for people to follow. Programs. Otherwise, even if they have a large exercise list, they’ll do the same ones that they like over and over again." And that’s where it started.

We took a leap, did a photo shoot, started PumpOne and the rest is history, albeit still evolving. This spark of an idea, duplicated thousands of times around the world by developers, was brought about by the iPod.

And Steve, you made that happen. So thanks for that, and everything else you have done to help us create the best fitness system the world.

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