Pros: Getting Certified? Use Your Time (& Money) Wisely November 1, 2016
Pros: Getting Certified? Use Your Time (& Money) Wisely November 1, 2016

You studied hard and passed your Certified Personal Training Exam! But before you put the books away, consider adding a specialty certification. Earning an additional fitness certification will shape your business model, help you focus on a target market, and set you apart from other trainers.

Find your niche naturally.

After spending time with a wide variety of clients, you will find which areas of training you gravitate toward and which clients refer you to their friends. What motivates you and inspires you? Working with kids? Assisting seniors? Helping clients achieve weight loss? Meditating on a yoga mat? Pursuing your fitness passion will pay dividends in career and client satisfaction.

Get certified with an accredited agency.

Do your homework and make sure to select a certification that has the proper credentials and is well-respected. Pursuing your specialty certification can be challenging and costly, but it’s so worthwhile for you and your business. Combined with in-person preparation for the certification exam, accreditation is a plus that will give you hands-on experience and help put your skills to the test.

Put your certification to (net)work.

Working with as many types of clients as you can will help you find the areas where you will excel. Network at health and wellness practices and at fitness events to increase your experience and expand your connections. Learn from those who share your credentials, as well as those who can be added to your referral list. Having the credibility in your title will make you stand out from the crowd.

Avoid title overload.

While having a couple of titles after your name will lend you credibility, beware of having too many. Some clients may end up wondering exactly what your specialty is. If you have a few different specialties, pick the two that really represent your brand and your target audience, and leverage those to your–and your clients–benefit.

Using your certification to your advantage will not only enlarge your target client base, but also will set you apart from the training crowd. As you expand your network, your connections and your clients will know who to refer friends and patients to–you! Keep your brand aligned with your business model to help leverage your unique fitness identity in a fast-growing industry.

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