Don't Let Activewear Bring You Down September 29, 2016
Don't Let Activewear Bring You Down September 29, 2016

Change is hard, and maintaining a fitness plan month after month after month, even harder. Do yourself a favor and think about those things that often prevent us from taking that hardest first step to just head to the gym or any active activity in the first place.

Apparel is a big player. If you can knock down a few barriers before they even appear, your odds of tackling the day and your workout greatly increase!

1. Invest in new fitness apparel.

Think back to a first day of school or starting a new job. Mostly likely you bought a new outfit to boost your mood and confidence, and the same can be done for the gym! Find your perfect workout wardrobe, and add some exciting new elements. Consider buying new shoes, too—it will be fun, and could even prevent injuries.

2. Set out your workout gear the night before.

If you’re an early riser and typically work out first-thing, don’t wait for the morning to track down what you need. Set your plan, check the weather, and then set out exactly what you need so there won’t be a lag or discouraging thought when that alarm goes off. The same goes for late-night activities: you’re more likely to burn calories right after work, rather than heading home, running errands, or getting distracted on the couch first. Plan ahead and have your gear ready!

3. Pack an extra gym bag, with surplus essentials.

How many times have you forgotten a key item like hair ties, headphones, or socks? (Personally, it’s my M.O.) It’s hard to have everything together, and constantly re-pack your gym bag, so set yourself up for better, more consistent success by keeping an extra bag of these duplicate supplies in your car. Maybe even include a few bottles of water and protein bars, so a lack of energy or grumbling stomach also don’t stop you.

4. Dress in your activewear to start the day.

Let’s be honest: activewear is everywhere, in and outside the gym. If you don’t have an essential dress code for the day, kick it off in the right direction and put some extra pressure on yourself by dressing in your gym gear. A little potential guilt will make it a lot harder to avoid your workout.

Of course, if you’re one of those people who regularly wear activewear to do non-active things, this could be futile… But it’s still a good first step!

This post was previously published on the Anytime Fitness blog. PumpOne and Anytime Fitness are both owned by Self Esteem Brands.

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