Wellness in the Workplace July 20, 2016
Wellness in the Workplace July 20, 2016

Whether you work in an office, factory, medical facility, school, or any of the other myriad of workplace environments, most of us spend a lot of our time physically at work. In many cases, we actually spend more time with our coworkers during the work week than we do with our own families. That makes workplace wellness tantamount to our success. And it means the opportunities abound to support, and be supported by, our coworkers. We already have our work in common; why not add another level to the relationship? We can all start taking simple steps to make our workplace healthier and help each other get to our goals through mutual support and encouragement. Don’t be the guy who is inconsiderate or unconcerned with other peoples’ goals—be the one to push them forward!

Talk About It

The first step is to obvious: Talk to the people you spend every day with and find out what they are looking to achieve. Once we know that, it’s much easier to support each other, and you may learn you have even more in common than you realize. Another big step is giving others permission to hold you accountable. Yes, it requires a bit of vulnerability, and a willingness to share with others your successes and struggles. But it will pay off. There will be less temptation to regularly bring “goodies” to the office to share, or go out for lunch instead of eating the healthy food we brought with us.

Implement Small Steps

Next, you need to establish a little office activity routine, and you will be off and running (pun intended!). Focus on what’s reasonable based on your job demands. There are many easy exercises and active things you can do during your work day. It’s not necessary to do everything on your list every day. Just take each opportunity you can to do something. The simple suggestions always apply: park farther away so you have to walk a bit; take the stairs instead of the elevator; make extra trips to the copy room to get more steps in; bring your lunch; and if others bring calorie-laden snacks in to share, avoid the break room as much as possible. Remember: It’s not always necessary to work up a sweat while at work—just increase your activity. It’s usually the small changes we make and adhere to on a regular basis that make the biggest impact.

Here’s some more advice:

Take It Outside

While keeping your workplace choices in check is important, work also is a great place to find a workout buddy! You’re already on the same general schedule, and you can keep each other accountable and supported throughout the work day, before you go to the gym. You don’t want to let them down! In addition to always having walking shoes with you, pack a gym bag that you carry everywhere, so you can eliminate one more excuse.

Try and Learn

So, what’s the main takeaway from all this? We can start right away! Remember:

It will take some time, but is worth the effort. Good luck!

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