The Senior Set: Are You Overlooking a Great Client Opportunity? April 25, 2016
The Senior Set: Are You Overlooking a Great Client Opportunity? April 25, 2016

Older clients are a growing segment for personal trainers and coaches. It’s no longer an oddity to hear of octogenarian triathletes or Iron Man competitors who carry AARP cards and collect Social Security. And an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine reports that being able to perform activities of daily living is key to keeping the frail elderly in their own homes. This, of course, makes baby boomers, their parents and, yes, even their grandparents your potential clients.

Older fitness aficionados seek exercise and personal trainers for many reasons:

Are You Ready to Meet the Senior Challenge?
Someone who spent decades as a couch potato may have some antiquated ideas about what goes into a fitness program. For them, exercise means barbells, dumbbells and machines such as the vibrating belt and the Relax-A-Cizor.

Trainers should help these clients move into the 21st century. Introduce functional training that mimics movements of daily life. Equipment such as kettlebells, and TRX and other suspension-training devices can help, even though they may seem daunting and unfamiliar to a newbie. This training regime can also decrease the potential for injury.

For those clients who are whizzes in digital technology and have a smartphone or tablet, fitness trackers can serve as a great motivator. Just understand that while some seniors can easily rival their grandkids’ digital aptitude, others may first need to learn smartphone basics.

Live, learn and love the challenges of the mature population. Their diverse age range, functional capabilities and disease status will test you daily and keep you learning about the latest research in geriatrics. But you’ll have the satisfaction of adding high-functioning years to their lives.


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