I Can Hear You Now (But Do I Really Want To?) April 19, 2016
I Can Hear You Now (But Do I Really Want To?) April 19, 2016

Matt is a star real estate agent who just closed on his first million-dollar property. He loves anchovies on thin-crust pizza, J. Crew suits, and superhero movies. You and Matt have never spoken, but you know all of this because you just spent 45 minutes next to him on the treadmill, as he juggled a few phone calls.

Matt is probably a great guy. After all, he also talked about his volunteer work at the abandoned puppy and kitten shelter. But that doesn’t excuse him from becoming your gym’s poster boy for poor digital etiquette. So what can you learn from him? Read on.

Welcome to a New Era of (Digital) Manners
For most of the time since the era of Charles Atlas and Jack La Lanne, gym etiquette has been pretty straightforward: Wipe the bench off when you’re done, keep moving through the circuit, and never drop your weights on the mat are a few of the basics. But with the advent of mobile technology, we’re now bringing our communications and entertainment most everywhere we go. Here’s what to keep in mind as you enjoy your music, videos, texting and chatting at your local temple of fitness:

And What About Matt?
Should you approach the real estate star? If your gym has rules in place about mobile usage, you’re well within your rights to ask the staff to enforce them. If not, then consider approaching Matt in a good-natured way; you’ll probably find that he’d be more than willing to keep it down. And who knows, you may also end up going home with an adorable six-month old Labradoodle.

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