The Power of Advertising: Three Smart Strategies for Boosting Your Client Base January 4, 2016
The Power of Advertising: Three Smart Strategies for Boosting Your Client Base January 4, 2016

Most trainers would be happy if they could rely upon a solid and predictable 30 sessions per week. But to do that, of course you need a steady flow of clients, right? No problem. By taking only a few precious hours out of your week, you can grow your client list with these proven advertising and marketing strategies.

Smart Strategy #1: Show and tell. If you don’t look the part of a personal trainer, how do you expect to attract new clients? Practice what you preach, and schedule in time for your own workouts.

Smart Strategy #2: Stay connected with your clients via consistent social media activity (such as blogging, as well as posting on Facebook and Twitter). This is a great way to stay in touch and keep them focused on their fitness goals. You can post before and after selfies of your highest-achieving clients, offer fitness and nutrition tips, and share your own fitness challenges. And don’t forget your website!

Smart Strategy #3: Get out there! Take advantage of every opportunity to network within your home or business community, paying special attention to events that typically draw fitness enthusiasts. Consider these community-focused business-building tactics:

Even if you’re working for a gym, many of these tools can still work within the parameters of that relationship by helping you win great clients. When you keep your clients informed and engaged, you’re setting them up for better results — and they will then be your best advertising of all.

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