Anytime Fitness Adds Digital Muscle with the Acquisition of PumpOne® December 22, 2015
Anytime Fitness Adds Digital Muscle with the Acquisition of PumpOne® December 22, 2015

HASTINGS, Minn., Dec. 21, 2015 / PRNewswire / – Anticipating the needs and preferences of current and future gym members, Anytime Fitness announced today that it has purchased PumpOne® – a leading mobile personal training services provider featuring the world’s largest exercise image and video library.

“The most important piece of fitness equipment isn’t found inside our gyms,” said Chuck Runyon, CEO of Anytime Fitness. “It’s in the pocket of nearly every consumer. They lift it more often than a fork and, at a minimum, it’s used 50 times more often than a treadmill. The most important piece of wellness technology is the smartphone. The industry’s 40-year old business model - sitting in a gym and waiting for members to show up - is ripe for disruption, and the power and ubiquity of smartphones will change the path to personal wellness. In 2002, Anytime Fitness ( created a more convenient fitness offering by providing access to our gyms anytime and anywhere. Now, we’re bringing a new level of personalization, support and information on demand – via a virtual coach in their pocket – to our members inside their home, work or wherever they may be.”

With a library of over 7,000 fitness images and videos, more than 1,000 workout programs and a rich, intuitive user experience to connect trainers and clients, PumpOne® ( is a world leader in the digital app space. PumpOne’s founder and his talented team will continue to work in New York, NY, enhancing and developing new content prior to launching the platform on Anytime Fitness’ mobile app sometime next year.

“We’re building new digital tools for a generation of fitness consumers – millennials – who have grown accustomed to immediate gratification,” said Craig Schlossberg, PumpOne® co-founder. “Our work will show up when people step on the scale, at the doctor’s office, during rehab, in the mirror, in bathing suits, in wedding dresses, and yes, in everyone’s version of their own skinny jeans.”

In addition to providing members with PumpOne’s exercise programming on their phones and tablets, Anytime Fitness’ mobile app (powered by the company’s Anytime Health™ platform) will capture activity and nutrition outside the club and allow members to share a wide array of information with personal trainers and staff who, in turn, will be able to respond instantly with personalized coaching tips and support.

“Everyone can improve their performance with coaching – that includes the most talented athletes and our newest members,” said Runyon. “With so many fitness options in the marketplace, consumers are growing confused and frustrated. They need someone to understand their personal goals and provide the motivation and support to achieve progress. It’s too easy to be unhealthy today with poor nutrition choices and inactivity being engineered into our life. Gym visits alone will not get people the results they seek. The acquisition of PumpOne® will help Anytime Fitness members get to a healthier place, in the years to come, no matter where or what their fitness goals are.”

Financial terms of Anytime Fitness’ acquisition of PumpOne® were not released.

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