Exercise: The Ultimate Chill Pill October 8, 2015
Exercise: The Ultimate Chill Pill October 8, 2015

Many of us feel the stress of being pulled in different directions every day. And perhaps we give stress more of a break than we give ourselves. When you consider that more and more often, research cites stress as an accelerant of life-altering complications like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular problems, it’s time to start attacking the problem at its root. But how?

The best way to combat stress — without decamping to a hut in Tibet — is with exercise. To help you better understand the connection, we’ve built this short list of inspirational takeaways on how exercise can put the chill on your daily serving of anxiety.

1. It’s like meditation, minus the incense and chanting. When you hit the cables and pulleys, you may find the further you go, the less your rough day matters, right? Instead of focusing on the day’s stressors, you need only focus on breathing and propelling yourself forward. It’s like a mini-vacation for your brain.

2. Endorphin rushes are — elevating. You’ve got a brain full of endorphins just waiting to be unleashed. Tap into your supply with regular exercise that helps amp up their production and gives you that calm, cool, post-exercise Zen. It’s free, legal and good for you; no doctor’s note required.

3. You’ll feel as “happy’” as Pharrell. Exercise will undoubtedly give you a spring in your step, not to mention a more solid profile and a boost in self-confidence. And while it may seem superficial, this happy little ego boost can serve as a natural weapon against anxiety, depression and stress. You’ll sleep better, too — another natural stress-reducer.

4. Exercise increases your resilience factor. By making you healthier in both body and mind, exercise equips you to manage stressors of all kinds (even that crab in your accounting department). According to the American Medical Association, exercise’s other benefits include:

• Strengthened immunity for heart disease
• Improved circulation, which also reduces risk of heart disease
• Lower blood pressure, which fuels heart and brain health
• Increased “good cholesterol”

Though you can’t avoid stress, you can kick it to the curb and keep it at bay with a regular exercise routine.


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