Detour Ahead: Working Around an Injury in Your Fitness Plan September 24, 2015
Detour Ahead: Working Around an Injury in Your Fitness Plan September 24, 2015

You’re a maniac about form, and you drink enough water to end the California drought. But there’s no way you could have known about that rut in the running path. And now you have the twisted ankle to prove it.

An ankle twist is just one of many common injuries. According to a report from Allen Passerallo, ATC, a trainer at Cleveland Clinic Sports Health, these are some other common danger-prone areas:

Thankfully, many sports injuries won’t relegate you to the sidelines. With the guidance of a skilled training and/or physical therapy professional, you can keep in shape and on track. It’s just a matter of following a modified fitness plan throughout your recovery period.

How to Stay in Play In essence, you want to lessen the impact on the body part that hurts, or avoid impact entirely. That’s easy to say, but not always easy to do. If you’ve injured your knee, Achilles tendon or hip, walking in the shallow end of the pool may be a good regimen to follow. The water reduces impact on your injured area, while still providing some therapeutic resistance.

Other minor, yet impeding injuries can be accounted for as you maintain a fitness plan. One great resource for working around a healing body part is to tap FitnessBuilder’s library of more than 1,000 workouts — all searchable by the body part(s) they address. These workouts maintain a laser focus on form, which supports healthy, injury-free strength training. Here are two examples of what FitnessBuilder can do for the injured gymgoer:

Have you hurt your knee? Consider some of these workouts. They’ll keep you off your feet while you pump some iron.

Did you push your shoulder too far? Try these lower body exercises:

If you’re like most personal fitness devotees, you’re committed to success — and you’ll adapt as needed to keep your eyes on the exercise prize. A well-informed fitness plan, supervised by a fitness and/or physiology professional, can help you stay focused and work around an injury as you recover.

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