What to Carry: Build the Ultimate Gym Bag August 27, 2015
What to Carry: Build the Ultimate Gym Bag August 27, 2015

Have you ever had to blow off a workout because you forgot your socks? Your shoes? Your deodorant? We feel your pain and offer you this Ultimate Gym Go-Bag Checklist:

1. Papa (or Momma) needs a brand new bag. Efficiently designed duffels with multiple compartments neatly handle shoes, water bottle and other staples. Check out this great one from Timbuk2.

2. Essential calories. A few handfuls of trail mix or a zipper bag full of almonds or cashews can last a long time. (See our recent pre-workout snacks blog for more suggestions.)

3. BYOB (of water). Opt for a glass bottle with a protective, shatter-resistant silicone shell. You’ll get consistently good taste and will feel better knowing that toxic chemicals aren’t leeching into your personal water supply.

4. Stay fresh and stay popular. You’ve made some gym friends; keep them from straying by packing your favorite deodorant.

5. Near and dear: Under gear? Socks? Check. Underwear? Check. Keep one or two fresh pairs in the bag at all times. They’ll never fail you.

6. Don’t lose your shirt…or shorts. Sweet as it is, the official uniform from last year’s team-building retreat isn’t a looker—and it’ll get malodorous fast. Everything in the 5.11 Tactical® line® of lightweight, wicking training gear was created to meet the rigorous training demands of law enforcement, military and firefighting professionals—and your workout regimen.

7. Runners-up. Throw your old pair of running shoes in the bag. They’ll be fine for a fast mile or the elliptical trainer.

8. Get a grip. A great strength-training regimen will take its toll on your hands. Avoid callouses with a good pair of workout gloves.

9. Let the music play. Headphones are essential, especially when the gym-floor playlist turns against the beat of your workout. You can go basic or get all audiophile about it. (Newsflash: CNET recently updated its great 2015 roundup of sport headphone options.)

10. Wash up. Streamline your toiletries load with a back-to-basics hair and body wash, since the stuff in the gym is often better for washing tires than your body.

11. Lock it down: Avoid having to remember yet another number with the Master Lock 1534D Password Plus Combo lock. It lets you make up an easy-to-remember letter-and-digit password like “2DIE4” or “HIGH5.”

To keep on your gym game, stash one go-bag at the office and another in the trunk of your car. Now you have no excuses. You’ll thank us later.

So, what’s in your ultimate gym bag? Share your favorites with us on the PumpOne Facebook page or the FitnessBuilder twitter account.

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