Five Telltale Signs That You’re Getting Out of Shape July 21, 2015
Five Telltale Signs That You’re Getting Out of Shape July 21, 2015

You’re getting on the flight home from a week-long trade show of endless cocktails and fried food served on a napkin. You sit down, and you realize that one of those annoying little pillows is wedged into your seat. At least, you thought it was a pillow.

Yes, you’ve been away from your workout for way too long. If you’re the self-aware type, you have your own personal set of clues. Here are some we’ve gathered from our expert sources:

Clue #1: Things are jiggling that didn’t used to jiggle. As one prodigal sometime gym-goer reports, “If, as I lean over the bathroom sink brushing my teeth, my abs start to sway back and forth, it’s time.” Sadly, it’s true: “For the moderately fit, it can take as little as one week for muscles to start losing ground,” notes Karen Day, a muscle therapist and chiropractor in New York City. “So even if you’re zoning out at the beach, try to keep up some semblance of a routine to help hold the line.”

Clue #2: That tails-out dress shirt or free-flowing “boho blouse” is now simply camouflage. There’s a difference between choosing not to tuck it in and not actually being able to. If you’re in the latter category, move your work out to the top of your “To Do This Week” list.

Clue #3: “Waffle fries” are becoming a food group. Ever notice how when you’re in your fitness stride, your body asks for great food—like fresh fruit and vegetables? But when you’re not, you may just happen to find yourself eating an entrée of waffle fries with Mallomars for dessert. And it’s a vicious cycle: The more bad stuff you eat, the worse you feel—and the less likely you are to want to even be seen at the gym.

Clue #4: You’re suffering from SBS (Sore Butt Syndrome). One of our correspondents with a computer-centric desk job says he has a very simple way of knowing when he’s slacking: “When I sit for hours without getting out of my chair, my butt gets sore. Or my back starts to seize up.” The cure? Putting in some time on the treadmill, in a spin class or in the weight room will almost always get everything moving again.

Clue #5: You’re getting “Wish You Were Here” postcards from your abs class. Okay, we’re kidding on this one, but you get the point. It’s all about consistency—staying in the game, even if life gets crazy and you have to take it down a notch once in a while. It’s much easier to get back to the top of your game if you aren’t starting from the bottom.

What are your most dreaded signs that you’ve slacked on your fitness plan? Share them with us. You might just inspire someone to put down that waffle fry and get back to the kettlebells.

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