FitnessBuilder 5 Now Available October 13, 2014
FitnessBuilder 5 Now Available October 13, 2014

Introducing the all new FitnessBuilder 5 - available on the iTunes App Store NOW.

WHATS NEW: Completely overhauled for larger screen devices, and including HealthKit support, the new FitnessBuilder 5 is smarter, sharper and packed with even more amazing features.

A FREE account gives you access to over 400 workouts in 16 multi-week fitness plans. Any previous user with Free access also gets access to these same plans. There are no ads or automatic subscriptions if you choose to keep Free access.

Upgrading to PLUS access unlocks the full fitness library of over 1,000 workouts and use Builder, where you can create your own workouts using over 7,000 exercise images & videos. A Plus subscription also allows you to share & receive workouts with friends & trainers, ask Fitness Questions, generate Workout PDFs, create your own My Exercises and more.

PRO the ultimate training tool for for fitness professionals, allows you to keep track of all your clients, their workouts and logs for both in-session and Remote Training. You can share workouts with clients to to their Plus accounts, where they can digitally receive and track those sessions, and the logs will sync back to you for review. Each of those Remote Training sessions is also delivered as an interactive PDF with videos, if your clients don’t want to get Plus. You can also brand the app & shared workouts with your company name & logo.

PT gives Physical Therapists and other rehab specialists access to everything Pro offers in addition to 1,400+ rehab exercises and 350+ recovery protocols with a PT subscription. Therapists can build custom rehab workouts and track & share these with patients. The Remote Rehab compliance monitoring also allows therapists to receive patient feedback helping to speed up recovery rates.

FitnessBuilder 5 is iOS 8 native, supports HealthKit for tracking workouts & calories and was designed for your iOS larger screen devices. Some features from the previous FitnessBuilder version are not yet in 5.0, such as My Stats, Client Stats and Progress Graphs. These will be re-added ASAP. In the meantime, they are currently available on the web version.

Important: When you first login to FitnessBuilder 5, all your backed up data will sync. This should take about 5 minutes or less for most users. For users with a lot of data, it could a little longer so please be patient. We’ve added a sync screen with a status % so you know when all of your data is back in your account.

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